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Getting a used car has several advantages, but there are also obvious cons to this type of vehicle. Not only do you get a car with more wear and tear, but you also tend to pay higher interest, higher maintenance costs, and more. New cars, on the other hand, are preferred by a number of drivers. Read on to learn about the advantages of buying a new car. 

New cars are…well, new. If you're looking for a car with nothing on the odometer and zero wear and tear, check out new cars. These vehicles often come straight from the factory floor, which means there are no surprises under the hood, no weird smells, and you get the latest features. New cars are great for those looking to make a long-term investment. 

The latest features. New cars always have better safety systems and engineering, which means you are better protected when you buy new. You should also consider buying new if you want the latest infotainment options as well. Many 2017 models come with smartphone connectivity, driver assist technologies, 4G LTE Wi-Fi, and more. 

Customize your ride. When you buy new you also have the option to customize the model from the factory. You can get the features you want, the colors, trims, and more. This can be more expensive than shopping a used lot, but for those who know what they want, this is the ideal buying option. 
When you buy a new car, you get less wear and tear, the latest features, and the most available options. To shop new, stop by Crest Cadillac today. We have a massive selection of new cars to meet your every need, from crossover SUVs to luxury performance models.