If you want your car to run well for a long time, Crest Cadillac recommends following these seasonal maintenance schedules and getting regular vehicle checkups by certified Cadillac technicians.

Now is a good time to check your tire pressure, your tires' tread, and to have them rotated. Winter can take a toll on the rubber, but it can also take a toll on the battery. Have your battery tested too, and don't forget to replace your wiper blades to prepare for the rainy season.  

Unfortunately, the heat is just as rough on your car as the winter's cold is. Often times excessive heat will be too much for an older coolant system, causing your car to overheat. Have your coolant system checked out before summer starts to be sure that fluid levels are where they need to be and that parts are in good condition. Now is also a good time to get your oil changed, which should happen as often as your owner's manual recommends. 
It's been a few months, so it's time to check your tires' tread again. Make sure they're rotated regularly and that they're wearing evenly. Make sure that no filters need replaced, and check to see that all hoses and belts are still in good condition after the hot summer. 
You'll want to be prepared as possible for the cold weather that's headed your way, so make sure your car has plenty of antifreeze and that other fluid levels are topped off. Consider replacing your wiper blades, especially if you didn't do so in the spring, and fill your wiper fluid so you'll be able to see well despite the road salt.  
It's a good idea in any season to get your Cadillac checked by a professional. Consider bringing yours in to Crest Cadillac today to stay on top of your vehicle's maintenance.