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The future is quickly becoming our present, and one of the most apparent ways is in our transportation. Cadillac's V2V, or vehicle-to-vehicle communication, makes a big step towards improving the safety of everyone on the road. 

V2V gets its debut in the Cadillac CTS and uses Dedicated Short-Range Communications (DSRC) and global positioning sensors to communicate with other vehicles on the road. It sends thousands of messages per second to other cars within a 300-meter radius.  

These messages share vital information about the road ahead, such as traffic conditions, speed, location, and direction to other connected vehicles. The system, however, does not share any private information or recognizable details. Firewalls and encryption ensure a customer's full privacy. 

With the system in use, drivers (and their cars) can learn about potentially hazardous driving conditions ahead like slippery or rough roads. It can also warn drivers of accidents ahead so they can alter their course, if necessary. The system would also particularly improve safety when visibility is low, for example if there is dense fog, heavy rain, or at night.

Currently, only the Cadillac CTS is equipped with this technology, but Cadillac plans to gradually roll it out across its lineup. In addition, other automakers are working on similar technology that would work with Cadillac's V2V. 

The Cadillac CTS is available now at Crest Cadillac; stop by to experience the innovative and cutting-edge technology of Cadillac V2V.